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In this Frozen game you can play the role of Princess Anna, Elsa sister. You two are planning to spend some time at the beach and enjoy a sun to have a good break from the everlasting winter time. Yesterday you were also out, but it was very windy that day. When Elsa get up today she started to scream - it was because of her ears killing her. She really suffers from earache in this Frozen Doctor game for girls. It seems that she did not clean the ears properly when taking a bath. You can now help her by assisting the doctor to get rid of this horrible earache.Follow all the instructions and apply the spray on the ear after that clean everything what is covered in dirt with the sponge. Wipe the blood using the specific instrument. With the tool at hand find out the root cause of the problem. Remove all kinds of dirt from the ear. Till you complete the treatment, let her feel comfortable.

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Elsa Games Ear Cleaning

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Control the Elsa Games Ear Cleaning game using the mouse. You need to follow all instructions that are included in the Elsa Games Ear Cleaning game. Elsa Games Ear Cleaning is a game for girls from cartoon games, cleaning games, Elsa Games, frozen game, frozen games, princess games collections. . Elsa Games Ear Cleaning has been added on September 9, 2014 and you can play it now. Elsa Games Ear Cleaning game has been already played 3732 times.

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